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October 24, 2012
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She-Wolves of dA - Penny by GigiCatGirl She-Wolves of dA - Penny by GigiCatGirl
Following what *ZaftigBunnyPress started recently (you can read his journal entry about it here), I was just thinking that some lil' promote using stamps could be fun and then used his pic' and the one that *jollyjack did right after following *ZaftigBunnyPress idea.

So there you go ! She-Wolves of dA featuring Penny Flynn :heart:
(even if she's a bit different like that once a year :giggle:)

Original picture : made by Penny's owner : :iconzaftigbunnypress:
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maxblackrabbit Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you don't mind me asking, how do i use the stamps? I just made a werewolf for this occasion. :)
Forgot to ask too, would it be ok if I use a picture of Raven to make a stamp about her ? She has been a character that I've really liked from long and it would be just normal for me that I make a stamp of her (just like I did for many other character already) ^^
Thanks in advance for your answer :)
maxblackrabbit Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh sure, thanks for liking that crazy wolf girl. :)

If toy need any other pics of here, lemme know. :)
Just made one (sorry it took me so long to make it ^^;)
I've sent you a note about that with a link to see it ^^
There's no particulary use for them (or not any that I'm aware of ;P)

Stamps are mainly made for dA Premium Account and just need the little code you can find on the right of a picture (the one that says "Thumb". Then you copy the code and you past it anywhere you want.
For non-Premium account, it's only working in a journal entry I think (not too sure but I know dA made something that way).
But if you made a werewolf picture following *ZaftigBunnyPress's journal, you may just put a link to said journal since the stamps were just made for fun and also because I don't draw myself ^^;
(I mean there's nothing official with the project that *ZaftigBunnyPress started).
Un monstre soooo choupi!! :3
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